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*Increase your childs I.Q.
*Inspire communication through basic American Sign Language.
*Reduce Tanrums and build a bond with your toddler.
*Have fun learning a second language: ASL

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We welcome anyones questions and are excited to provide incentives for Therapists, Teachers, Interpretors and Vendors. Weather you work with a hearing or deaf child, our Sign Language Basic , will help inspire
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What people are saying about the
Label and Learn approach to Sign Language Basic

* We love our home labeling kit and sign language flash cards! When we labeled our home to improve our ability to learn signs for our hard of hearing daughters, we were surprised at their excitement as they ran from room to room "reading" the labels. Our whole family began signing immediately and the reading benefits were a wonderful surprise.
Cindi Ellis, CO

* My husband and I used the basic sign language placemat with our son Dylan. We were thrilled to have all the sign learn we needed right there in front of us and he loves to play the online sign language games!
Christy Higgins Boston MA

When my grandson was one, while the family was still sitting around the dining room table, we would look at our Label and Learn placemats and learn the animal signs. I would ask my grandson for the sign of an animal such as a giraffe or a duck. He couldn't say the names, but he knew all the signs. It was a lot of fun interacting with him and I hope that I will soon achieve his level!! I'd like to see where I'd be if I had been taught kids sign language.
Will Lamdin, Sadalia CO

I provide a sign language basic placemat to all of the parents that I am teaching signs to. It is a quick and easy sign learn helping tool for very busy parents that really need accessible resources. Anna Hayes MS, CCC-SLP - Woodland Park CO
* What a wonderful invention! I label my classroom each year. I was so excited when I saw your labels. My kids love the sign language labels in my classroom. Thanks for the sign language calendar as well. Melody Roberts
My four kids are between the ages of 3 and 13. We were given the placemat set as a gift and my kids love them. Each night they trade placemats and they teach eachother the signs on their placemat. After about two weeks they all knew all the signs and were asking for more sign language basic and sign language games! Kristen De La O Colorado Springs, CO
* We taught our child the signs on the sign language basic placemats and sign language basic labels when he was a baby. We continue to sign sometimes but now he says all the words very articulately. I was shocked the other day though when my son was looking at that food placemat and he began to go through all of the signs and point to each word under it and say the words! He is only two and beginning to really understand the meaning of words! These are really full circle signing products. Kim Brown San Diego, CA
* My husband and I placed the sign language labels in our house as we signed with our child that has a communication disorder. I was thrilled when our extended family commented on how much easier it was to understand his signs when they were posted all around the house. These sign language labels rock!. Amber Kirt

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