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Our sign language placemats are a great tool for learning basic signs and they're a smart start toward inspiring communication!
Labeling your home with words and signs can be monumental in preparing little ones for reading!
Basic Sign Language display to label your home

We are an authorized Signing Time dealer:
These are the greatest basic ASL dvds we've seen!

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Sign language products like our calendar work as a constant reminder to use different basic signs for colors, senses, emotions and more!
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Come visit our site for innovative ASL products, Sign Language Games and Free Sign Learn.
We welcome anyones questions and are excited to provide incentives for Therapists, Teachers, Interpretors and Vendors. Weather you work with a hearing or deaf child, our Sign Language Basic , will help inspire
communication. Thank you for visiting and please take some time to enjoy this kids sign language website.
Come explore our sign learn
ing system and have some fun!
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Hearing Babies 6-24 months
The list of benefits of signing with hearing children
continues to grow.

* Increase I.Q.,
* Encourage communication
* Reduce frustration.

All of this can be done through the different signs that you learn and teach to your child.
Sign with your baby if you want to give them inspiration for communication.
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Your Child and Sign Language Basic.
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Toddlers 2-4 years
Teaching your child to sign may reduce his/her frustration with communication:

* Reduce biting and tantrums
* Create a deeper bond between parent and child
* Build the basis for a second language.

Labeling your home with words and preparing little ones for reading: learn more

kids sign langauge picture wearing sign language shirtKiddos 4-18 years
Instill the joy of learning a foreign language in your child!
Kids sign language encourages alternative communication.

Encourage a second language: learn more

sign langauge photo child with communication disorder

Children with communication disorders or delays
Sign language is a very natural way of communicating with children of special needs

Communication disorders and the benefits of using basic sign language: learn more

children that are deaf and hard of hearing image

Children that are deaf or hard of hearing

This category is last because it seems most obvious.

It is the first language of many deaf North Americans, and one of several communication options available to deaf people: learn more

Even for children who are advanced in sign, we have fun ways of encouraging those closest to them to learn sign as well.
Like our refrigerator magnets: they're fun for everyone!
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