Your Child and Sign Language Basics

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Children with communication disorders or delays

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Sign language is a very natural way of communicating. Depending on your child’s needs or abilities, signing may help your child communicate basic needs or bridge the gap to spoken language. Research is also showing that signing may possibly stimulate different connections in the brain.

Please visit more of our website and explore the benefits of signing with your child by trying our BASIC SIGN LANGUAGE products that inspire communication. The expressive and animated design of our KIDS SIGN LANGUAGE character "Lyric" the signing chimp/monkey bring the BENEFITS of SIGN LANGUAGE BASICS to life. Give our SIGN LEARN- ing products a try to see what it can do for your childs ability to communicate early. We suggest our sign language Placemats, sign language labels or sign language game to start.

Come explore our sign learning system and have some fun!
We welcome anyones questions and are excited to provide incentives for Therapists, Teachers, Interpretors and Vendors. Weather you work with a hearing or deaf child, our Sign Language Basics will help inspire communication. Thank you for visiting and please take some time to enjoy this kids sign language website.

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