Our goal is to inspire communication between parents,
teachers, therapists and children by providing innovative
and accessible products that express style, fun and function.

All Label and Learn products were inspired by thousands of hours teaching parents, teachers and children basic sign language.
Speech/language therapist, Katey Blehm and her husband began the company in 2004 by creating Adhesive Sign Language Labels with basic signs for around the home, school, and preschool. From there, a wide range of developmentally appropriate signs were developed into sign language products with accessibility in mind. We want to give parents and caregivers products that lend a constant reminder to sign.

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We welcome anyones questions and are excited to provide incentives for Therapists, Teachers, Interpretors and Vendors. Weather you work with a hearing or deaf child, our Sign Language Basic , will help inspire
communication. Thank you for visiting and please take some time to enjoy this kids sign language website.
Come explore our sign learn
ing system and have some fun!
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