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* ASL Basic
* ASL Food
* ASL Park
* ASL Zoo

Our placemats contain all of
the basic signs a parent or
therapist needs to begin
signing with their baby/client. This product serves as
a constant reminder for a parent to sign during mealtime.

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Adhesive Labeling Kits
* ASL Home
* ASL School
* ASL Preschool

Our innovative home labels
are an excellent starting point
for a person beginning to sign.
They teach common signs around the house. These labels are also a wonderful pre-reading tool. After you label your facility a child can go from room to room and "read" the labels long before true reading develops.

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Come explore our sign learning system and have some fun!
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Lyric's Sign Language Games.

Lyric would like to help you a learn to sign using ASL.
All you have to do is click on sign game links below.

Have fun playing this Sign Language game. These asl games are intended to
teach kids basic sign language.

Lyric signing: asl for play

Lyric's Jungle Adventurelink to sign language game

Peel A Banana link to  basic sign language game

We sincerely hope you enjoy this sign learning experience.
Please tell everyone you know about this sign language game.

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